ASTM WK76556

    New Practice for Continuity of Maritime Operations in a Pandemic Environment

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    1. Scope

    Development of commercial consensus standards, best practices, guidance and other products that support continuity of maritime operations during pandemics or similar disruptions and reduce virus spread and infection, by promoting consistent agreed upon procedures and processes, and application of effective technologies. This includes review of the existing ASTM F25 standards portfolios to identify opportunities to include elements that could support the maritime industry and operations during pandemics or similar event, plus reduce opportunities for virus spread and infection where possible.


    pandemic; COVID; COVID-19; virus; vaccine


    The objective of ASTM Internationals Committee on Ships and Marine Technology (F25) Pandemic Task Group under its General Requirements Subcommittee (F25.07) will be to identify potential work items, gather the right people from both industry and government to develop best practices, guidance specifications, and test methods that support continuity of operations during pandemics. These commercial consensus best practices and guides could include templates to promote consistency amongst the maritime sector that include USCG COTPs, CDC field representatives, state and local health officials, vessel, port and terminal operators, maritime labor and vessel support entities. This could cover issues such as vessel design, configuration, maintenance, or cleaning substances that do not affect the integrity of the vessel surfaces and electronics, as well as management of timely crew changes and safe handling of shipboard COVID-19 cases to keep the critical maritime supply chain intact and operating effectively.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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