ASTM WK76414

    Revision of A744 / A744M - 20a Standard Specification for Castings, Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Corrosion Resistant, for Severe Service

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    Active Standard: A744 / A744M - 21

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    austenitic stainless steel; corrosion; stainless steel; steel castings;;


    This revision updates the weld metals for grade CN3MN and CK3MCuN based on availability and research. Add weld metal NiCrMo-14 for CN3MN in Paragraph 10 and Table X1.1. Based on research, improved corrosion resistance of welds in CN3MN is achieved by using NiCrMo-14. Corrosion test results for this weld metal are included with the ballot item. Paragraph 10 is revised for improved clarity. In Table X1.1, add NiCrMo-4 and NiCrMo-10 as recommended weld metals for CN3MN. NiCrMo-4 and NiCrMo-10 are already specified in Paragraph 10 for CN3MN. In Table X1.1, remove NiCrMo-12 as recommended weld metal for CN3MN and CK3MCuN. This weld metal is no longer commonly available for typical production welding processes. Some unaltered text for this specification is provided as an aid to the reader and is not being considered for revision by this ballot item. Any negative votes or comments related to unaltered text will be considered as not related to this ballot and will be discussed by the subcommittee as new business at a future meeting.

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