ASTM WK76372

    Revision of F1200 - 88(2016) Standard Specification for Fabricated (Welded) Pipe Line Strainers (Above 150 psig and 150°F)

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    Active Standard: F1200 - 21a

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    cast strainers; marine strainer; strainer; welded strainers ;;


    During ballot for reapproval, F25(20-05) Item 002, this standard received a negative noting that the temperature rating in 1.2 conflicts with the temperature rating in 1.1. Therefore, the temperature rating in 1.2 is changed to match the temperature rating in 1.1 and the title of the standard. In addition, a note is added that states that fabricated (welded) strainers complying with this standard are also acceptable for pressures below 150 psig and temperatures above 0F. Rationale, see ASTM F1199 which covers welded pipe line strainers (150 psig and 150F maximum). In reviewing the two standards it is noted that ASTM F1200 provides greater restrictions on materials and fabrication details than those required in ASTM F1199. These restrictions are necessary to provide the higher quality of materials and fabrication methods for pipeline strainers that may be used in high pressure and high temperature applications. Logically, therefore, fabricated (welded) pipe line strainers meeting ASTM F1200 are also acceptable for use at the lower pressures and temperatures for welded pipe line strainers meeting ASTM F1199. Additionally, the negative balloter commented that the configuration arrangements called out in paragraph should be shown in the document. A review of manufacturers catalogs of pipe line strainers reveals that the manufacturers use various nomenclatures to classify their strainers. Since paragraph was merely informative, paragraph has been deleted.

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    Howard Hime


    F25 (21-02)

    Ballot Item Approved as F1200-2021 and Pending Publication