ASTM WK75821

    Revision of C1731 - 16 Standard Specification for Concrete Floor Tile

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    Active Standard: C1731 - 21

    Developed by Subcommittee: C15.03 | Committee C15 | Contact Staff Manager



    adhered; cementitious; CFT; concrete; concrete floor tile; flooring; manufactured; masonry; tile;;


    Currently, ASTM C1731 contains a requirement for dynamic coefficient of friction. This requires testing in accordance with ANSI A137.1. Since the last publication of ASTM C1731, the testing requirements for dynamic coefficient of friction have been removed from A137.1 and replaced with testing procedures in ANSI A326.3, American National Standard Test Method for Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials. This ballot proposes to replace the reference to A137.1 with a reference to A326.3. There is no need to change the actual requirements (a value of 0.42 or greater for wet surfaces). Please note that this new reference requires no change to Footnote 3 in the Referenced Documents section which refers users to the Tile Council of North America ( to acquire ANSI A326.3.

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    Rajiv Pathak


    C15 (21-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as C1731-2021 and Pending Publication