ASTM WK75793

    Revision of D5321 / D5321M - 20 Standard Test Method for Determining the Shear Strength of Soil-Geosynthetic and Geosynthetic-Geosynthetic Interfaces by Direct Shear

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    Active Standard: D5321 / D5321M - 21

    Developed by Subcommittee: D35.01 | Committee D35 | Contact Staff Manager



    coefficient of friction; direct shear; geosynthetics; Mohr-Coulomb friction angle; Mohr-Coulomb shear strength envelope; performance tests; shear strength;;


    In response to comments from the ballot in April, 2019 and subsequent discussion at February, 2021 task group meeting, the consensus of the task group was that the two notes referencing pre-test geosynthetic testing (Notes 11 and 12) were too limiting (referencing only textured geomembrane and geocomposite and Asperity Height and Ply Adhesion testing respectively) and the user should be allowed to perform these and additional tests on more than just those two materials if it chooses. As a result, Notes 11 and 12 will be deleted and a new Note 11 is proposed below. All references to either Note 11 or 12 will now reference only Note 11 (and all subsequent notes and references will be numbered accordingly. Reference to Asperity Height test (ASTM D7466) and Ply Adhesion (ASTM D7005) in section 2 Referenced Documents will be removed. Only the sections shown below are being balloted with changes highlighted ted. If you have any questions, please call or email me to discuss.

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    Gary Torosian


    D35 (21-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as D5321/D5321M-2021 and Pending Publication