ASTM WK75637

    Revision of D7430 / D7430M - 20 Standard Practice for Mechanical Sampling of Coal

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    Active Standard: D7430 / D7430M - 21

    Developed by Subcommittee: D05.23 | Committee D05 | Contact Staff Manager



    auger sampling; barge sampling; coal; coal sampling; inspection; mechanical sampling; railroad car sampling; sample division; sample reduction; sampling systems; split-spoon sampling; statistical analysis; stock pile sampling; truck sampling;;


    The Task Group on D7430 has been working for years to conduct a thorough review of the standard to a) complete the clarifying all references to SI versus Non-SI (inch-pound) units; and b) complete a review of any other issues with the standard. Over a number of ballots, the last being a Subcommittee ballot [D05.23 (18-02)], Tom Vetter of NIST has been a major contributor of proposed changes. Mr. Vetter has dropped several negative votes on other issues, in exchange for a promise to address his comments and suggestions. This ballot is to modify the reference in of Part B on Auger Sampling regarding the cutter opening being 21/2 to 3 times the material top size. In all other ASTM coal sampling standards (D2234, D6609, D6883 and, indeed, D7430 except for this one instance the size of the cutter has been established, through multiple ballots, as a minimum of three times the top size. Please note the current language in highlighted below as direct proof of this. The 21/2 to 3 times in should have been changed at the time was changed but was overlooked. This was balloted Concurrently in D05 (20-03) Item 2 in June of 2020 and there was a negative vote (and an affirmative with comment saying the same thing) requesting a statement that sampling systems installed prior to this change would be grandfathered in, since they were designed when the previous 2.5 time top size requirement was in place. The negative was considered persuasive and this is a re-ballot that includes that wording. All proposed changes are presented using red font for additions and strikethrough for deletions.

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    Paul Reagan


    D05 (21-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as D7430/D7430M-2021 and Pending Publication