ASTM WK75625

    Revision of A216 / A216M - 18 Standard Specification for Steel Castings, Carbon, Suitable for Fusion Welding, for High-Temperature Service

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    Active Standard: A216 / A216M - 21

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    carbon steel; high temperature; pressure-containing parts; steel castings;;


    Revise Supplementary Requirement S51 due to an inquiry that came in on the wording in S51.6 about the weld metal chemistry matching the base metal chemistry: Welding consumables for repair welds shall be of the low-hydrogen type. E60XX electrodes shall not be used and the resulting weld chemistry shall meet the same chemistry requirements as the base metal. S51.5 states that the minimum carbon content, of the casting, shall be 0.18%. Welding electrodes with a carbon content greater than 0.10% are not available, and if they were available, the weldability would be drastically reduced. So the question from the inquiry was, how can the resulting weld chemistry meet the same chemistry requirements of the base metal in regards to the minimum carbon content. Andy Gysbers, who provided NACE corrosion testing to Mike Gold to ballot this supplemental requirement in 2004, provided advice on the rewording of S51.6. Background on why this supplemental requirement was created, and feedback from Andy, can be found as an attachment to this ballot item.

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    Cherra Meloy


    A01 (21-04)

    Ballot Item Approved as A216/A216M-2021 and Pending Publication