ASTM WK75619

    Revision of F1273 - 91(2013) Standard Specification for Tank Vent Flame Arresters

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    Active Standard: F1273 - 21

    Developed by Subcommittee: F25.11 | Committee F25 | Contact Staff Manager



    combustible liquid; flame arrester; flammable liquid; marine technology; ships; tank vent; tank vent flame arrester;


    Note 1 references IMO Circular MSC/Circ. 373/Rev. 1 and is misleading as this IMO Circular has since been revised. And, while tank vent flame arresters meeting this standard will meet the current revised IMO requirements, there is no guarantee that they will meet any future revisions to IMO requirements. Therefore, to avoid the possibility of misleading users of this standard, Note 1 needs to be removed along with the reference in 2.3 to IMO Circular MSC/Circ. 373/Rev. 1. Users of this and any standard are responsible to ensure that in doing so, that they are in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. The referenced IEC standard has also been updated to reflect revised IEC numbering scheme.

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    Howard Hime


    F25 (21-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as F1273-2021 and Pending Publication