ASTM WK75142

    Revision of B926 - 09(2017) Standard Method for Pinhole Determination in Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Plain Foil by Means of a Light Table

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    Active Standard: B926 - 09(2017)

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    ASTM B926 specifies the pinhole test to be done on a light table with a suitable light source with 1500-1800 Lux. In my opinion, it should have rather specified Lumens. Lux is intensity of illumination of an object (or area) on which the light falls. Lumen is the intensity of light generated by a light source. X lumens light falling on a wall Y distance away creates Z lux. Now if the same light is moved further away from the wall, then the lumens (of the light source) remain same but the Lux (light falling on the wall or object) reduces proportional to the increase in distance. Similarly if you move the light closer, the lumen is same but lux increases. Unfortunately there is no method described by ASTM to verify the lux. Hence the need to amend the standard to change the parameter or incorporate a method (distance) of Lux Measurement.

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