ASTM WK74911

    Revision of F2391 - 05(2016) Standard Test Method for Measuring Package and Seal Integrity Using Helium as the Tracer Gas

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    Active Standard: F2391 - 05(2016)

    Developed by Subcommittee: F02.40 | Committee F02 | Contact Staff Manager



    blister packaging; bottles; cartridges; flexible packaging; gas barrier performance; helium leak test; impermeable packaging (and materials); integrity monitoring; mass spectrometer; mass spectrometer leak test; mass spectrometer sensor; pass/fail criteria; pass/fail levels; package integrity monitoring; package integrity test; permeable packaging (and materials); pouch packaging; seal integrity monitoring; seal integrity test; sniffer probe leak test; sterility barrier performance; vacuum leak test; vapor barrier performance; rigid packaging; vials;;


    Revisions to ASTM F2391 to include alternate units, clarification on leak ranges, & text throughout document.

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    Michael Grimm

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