ASTM WK74505

    Revision of E724 - 98(2012) Standard Guide for Conducting Static Acute Toxicity Tests Starting with Embryos of Four Species of Saltwater Bivalve Molluscs

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    Active Standard: E724 - 98(2012)

    Developed by Subcommittee: E50.47 | Committee E50 | Contact Staff Manager



    acute toxicity test; bivalve mollusc larvae; bivalve molluscs embryos; blue mussel; Crassostrea gigas; Crassostrea virginica; hard clam; Mercenaria mercenaria; Mytilus edulis; oyster;


    This method has not been reapproved since 2012 and therefore requires renewal per ASTM procedures. It has been improved by review and revisions to clarify method execution; and updated the applicable test species. In addition, the title was changed from indicating acute toxicity testing to short-term chronic. Acute has been replaced with short-term chronic as this test evaluates both lethal and sub-lethal effects of embryos. Generally, acute tests assess only lethal endpoints. This change is consistent with current naming conventions for toxicity test methods. Mytilus edulis is now Mytilus spp. to include M. trossulus, M. galloprovincialis, M. californianus. These additional test species have been specified that were within the previously described genus. Test Temp changed to 15-18C to reflect acceptable temp ranges established in related standard methods (i.e., EPA/600/R-95-136) Enumeration guidance has been clarified. Changes are consistent with related standard methods (i.e., EPA/600/R-95-136).

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    Cameron Irvine


    E50 (20-07)

    Ballot Item Approved as E724-2021 and Pending Publication