ASTM WK74491

    Revision of F1674 - 18 Standard Test Method for Joint Restraint Products for Use with PVC Pipe

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    Active Standard: F1674 - 18

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    cyclic surge pressure test; joint restraint for PVC; mechanical joint restraint for PVC pipe; Vinson equation ;;


    This standard is intended to qualify joint restraint products to ensure that the restraint product will not affect the long term performance characteristics of PVC pipe during operation. However, over the years, proprietary integral joint restraint products have been developed and used to complete certain types of installations (ex: trench-less installations). Restrained joints used for these types of installations typically do not impart significant stress to the pipe once installation is complete. Additionally, these joints already undergo qualification tests from other standards. Thus, a clarification of the joint restraint type in Section 3.2.8 is given. Additionally, this standard currently uses an old cyclic equation, called Vinson Equation, which hasnt been used by the industry in over 20 years. Because of this, the cyclic test pressures should be updated. Table 3 is proposed to be updated as follows: The peak pressure is chosen to be the pressure class of that DR. The base pressure is chosen to be a 2 feet per second (fps) surge less than the peak pressure. In other words, the difference between the peak pressure and base pressure is a 2fps surge for that DR. A 2fps surge is a common value used in many pipe standards, and in a cyclic test, will ensure the long-term performance of the joint. The only items that are being balloted are the revisions in red.

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    F17.20 (21-02)

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