ASTM WK74276

    Revision of D7297 - 14 Standard Practice for Evaluating Residential Indoor Air Quality Concerns

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    Active Standard: D7297 - 14

    Developed by Subcommittee: D22.05 | Committee D22 | Contact Staff Manager



    biological contaminants; chemical contaminants; HVAC systems; IAQ investigations; indoor air quality (IAQ); indoor materials; indoor sources; measurements; odor; survey; ventilation; water leakage;


    7-yr review with the following changes: 1) replenished HVAC system and Recent Renovation as parameters for IAQ investigations (Table 3); 2) revised section 7.2 to avoid the confusion of arbitrary categories; 3) added a new section of 11.6.18 to include carbon monoxide in this standard; 4) added references, e.g., ANSI/ACCA 4, USEPA TO-11A, USEPA TO-15, USEPT TO-17, ISO 16017-2, ISO 16000-4; 5) added/updated radon standards and guidance, e.g., ANSI/AARST SGM-SF 2017, ANSI/AARST RMS-MF 2018, ANSI/AARST MAH 2019, ANSI/AARST MAMF 2017; 6) updated a couple outdated/expired references, e.g., replaced USEPA 402-R-93-078M to ANSI/AARST SGM-SF 2017 and ANSI/AARST RMS-MF 2018, replaced USEPA 402-R-92-003 to ANSI/AARST MAH 2019 and ANSI/AARST MAMF 2017; 7) removed ASTM D6345 which is a withdrawn standard, and 2 references (Sherman et al.; Woods, et al.) that are not cited anywhere in the context; 8) moved EPA, ISO, and other standards to section 2.2 Other Documents; 9) minor editorial changes. It is to be noted that we would like to move forward with re-balloting to keep this standard in the book, while the team could re-group afterwards and continue the discussion of any topics above (or new topics).

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