ASTM WK74215

    Revision of F3442 / F3442M - 20 Standard Specification for Detect and Avoid System Performance Requirements

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    Active Standard: F3442 / F3442M - 20

    Developed by Subcommittee: F38.01 | Committee F38 | Contact Staff Manager




    Statement of scope of task/activity: a.Update standards to include new capability and content that was deferred from Version 1.0 of F3442: 1.Shielded Operations (address proximity, well clear definition, differentiate between terrain and obstacles, land now avoidance course of action, safe state operations, e.g. zero conflict airspace) 2.UA-UA separation and collision avoidance (unmanned AAM, appropriate Risk Ratios, Well Clear volume, NMAC volume, V2V comms, Altimetry Source, coordinated maneuvers, Correlated encounters- UTM tie in) 3.Alignment with Test Methods standard and Surveillance SDSP standard (e.g. how to handle coasted tracks, etc.) 4.Regain well clear function b.Updates/fixes/clarification, improvements to operational suitability 1.Updated Risk Ratios from ASSURE validation efforts 2.Safety supporting SRMP/FHA, refining the availability, i.e. 10^-2, requirements and how to handle SW/FW assurance 3.Timing analysis (redo/refine), perhaps have an appendix to do a couple examples. Establishing a framework for time stamping and shared sense of time 4.Acceptable rates of false tracks and tracks on non-aircraft c.Update standard with lessons learned from existing applications d.New Appendices 1.Address how to address derived requirements based on specific DAA architecture 2.Timing analysis examples 3.Define classes of ground-based standards, for example, JHU-APL is currently developing one for ACAS sXu

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    Andrew Thurling

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