ASTM WK74089

    Revision of D70 - 18a Standard Test Method for Density of Semi-Solid Asphalt Binder (Pycnometer Method)

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    density; pycnometer; relative density; specific gravity;;


    The purpose of this ballot it to address differences between the AASHTO version (T 228) of this test procedure and the ASTM version. The AASHTO version is a C standard that lists differences between the AASHTO version and the ASTM version. This work has been completed under the direction of the Task Force on Asphalt Standards Harmonization (TFASH). A ballot to revise AASHTO T 228 will go forward after the changes to ASTM D70 pass as a coordinated effort in order to harmonize these standards. ASTM D70 is being revised first so that the AASHTO standard can refer to the most current version of D70. Administrative negatives will be placed on both ballots to ensure harmonization occurs. The precision estimates in AASHTO T 228 differ from those in ASTM D70. The precision estimates are not being harmonized at this time, as an interlaboratory study will be required in order to do so. The purpose of this ballot is to focus on the apparatus and procedural requirements of the standard. The precision statement will be taken up as a separate issue of new business. Both standards can be used to determine both specific gravity and density of asphalt binder, so the title of the standards have been adjusted accordingly.

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    Maria Knake


    D04 (20-06)

    Ballot Item Approved as D70/D70M-2021 and Pending Publication