ASTM WK73738

    New Test Method for Asphalt Fractionation by Thin Layer Chromatography - Flame Ionization Detector

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    1. Scope

    Create an ASTM Standard to : (1) standardize the procedure regarding the different available test methods; (2) Identify and evaluate various sensitive factors that could have a significant impact on the test results; Finally, (3) develop a precision statements in term of repeatability and reproducibility to allow laboratories to deliver consistent test results comparable with others.


    Asphalt; Fractionation; Chromatography; SARA; Satureted; Asphaltene; Resins; Aromatics


    Asphalt quality is continuously changing and its constituent proportions have an impact on pavement durability. The creation of an ASTM standard to develop the asphalt fractionation by Iatroscan (TLC-FID) is legitimate to have reliable and comparable data across the asphalt industry and, overall, provide better quality to our industry.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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    Benjamin ROUJOLLE

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