ASTM WK73703

    New Practice for Certificate Programs within the Cannabis and Hemp Industries

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    1. Scope

    This practice provides protocols to certificate issuers for developing and administering certificate programs for stakeholders within the cannabis and hemp industries for determining best practices for administering professional or procedural certificate programs within the industries. This practice includes requirements for both the certificate issuer and requirements for the specific certificate programs issuing certificates. This practice additionally provides the foundation for recognizing or certificate issuers to issue certificates to individuals after completing a certificate program. 51.4 This practice addresses certificate programs for entities seeking certificates and inclusive of individuals, groups, or organizations and is applicable to training-based certificates for personal development and organizational-related certificates to existing standards or guidelines.


    cannabis; hemp; certificate; certificate program; body of knowledge; vocational credentials; continuing education; accreditation; credentialing; education; learning; training


    As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it plays a significant larger role in the global economy. Because of the regulatory nature of the industry, the need for certified professionals within the industry becomes increasingly imperative. The current cannabis industry reflects a global environment in which best practices can be standardized through training and certificates for common vocational activities that would benefit and help standardize the industry. To administrate the certificate programs, empowered bodies shall administer their respective certificate programs following the standards defined within this practice. This practice represents an attempt to standardize the certificate program process within the industry thereby assuring best practices and high-quality value relative to the certificates a certifying entity may provide.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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