ASTM WK73198

    Revision of D7430 - 18ae1 Standard Practice for Mechanical Sampling of Coal

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    Active Standard: D7430 - 18ae1

    Developed by Subcommittee: D05.23 | Committee D05 | Contact Staff Manager



    auger sampling; barge sampling; coal; coal sampling; inspection; mechanical sampling; railroad car sampling; sample division; sample reduction; sampling systems; split-spoon sampling; statistical analysis; stock pile sampling; truck sampling;;


    The Task Group on D7430 has been working on revising and improving the standard by addressing a number of issues and inconsistencies many a result of the combining of the four old standards of D4702, D4916, D6518 and D7256 int D7430. Over a number of ballots under an old work item (WK56310), the last being a Subcommittee ballot [D05.23 (18-02)], Tom Vetter of NIST has been a major contributor of comments and proposed changes and improvements. Mr. Vetter has dropped several negative votes on other issues, in exchange for a promise to address his comments and suggestions that could not be considered editorial. The time limit on WK56310 expired during our work. This work item will replace the old WK56310 and will develop a series of ballots to keep our promise to Mr. Vetter and address his suggestions one by one. Some of the main issues this Work Item will address at subcommittee level are: 1.D7430, Parts A to D, was created by combining four practices into a single practice. As such, all four parts of D7430 must be internally consistent. 2.Language for Ballot on SI vs Non SI Main Body. For all four parts of D7430, the values stated in either SI units or inch-pound units are to be regarded separately as standard. Thus, all values must be listed first in SI units followed by the inch pound units in brackets. As such, the word weight will be inserted in brackets after the word mass and Btu will be replaced with its SI unit equivalent (such as Calorific Value) as appropriate. 3.Annex A.2 will be updated to reflect SI units. This will be a separate ballot due to its complexity 4.Tables are revised to include units, as well as values in both SI units and inch-pound units. 5.Edits will be made for correct use of SI units and proper formatting of equations and correct usage in the definition of terms for those equations. 6.The conversion of fractions to decimal places and attention to the number of significant figures. 7.Since all four parts of D7430 state that either SI units or inch-pound units are to be regarded separately as standard, the title needs to be amended to D7430/D7430M. 8.In D7430 the multipliers in the square root formula for the calculation of the minimum number of increments uses 15.7 for mechanically cleaned coal and 36.7 for raw coal for SI units. However, in all the other sampling standards, the multipliers are 15 and 35 for both SI and inch-pound units. So, the issue of consistency across the standards will be addressed. 9.In section, the symbol m, which is the number of sub-lots, has been replaced with the symbol n because m is used previously to denote mass [weight]. 10.After an initial reference to Hotellings T Squared (T2), all further references are edited, as necessary, to consistently refer to Hotellings T2. 11.An error in the formula in A. will be corrected. 12.The use of the word chance when referring to measurement errors will be replaced with the correct statistical term random. 13.One old reference to cutter opening being a minimum 2.5 to 3 times top size will be updated to 3 times top size to match all other standards. This last reference was overlooked in a previous ballot. 14.Improved language in Section 11.2.3. 15.Any other suggestions for improvement received during the balloting

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