ASTM WK73065

    Revision of C1697 - 18 Standard Specification for Blended Supplementary Cementitious Materials

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    Active Standard: C1697 - 18

    Developed by Subcommittee: C09.24 | Committee C09 | Contact Staff Manager



    blend; fly ash; pozzolan; silica fume; slag cement; supplementary cementitious material;;


    The C09 Executive Committee and C09.95 Coordination Subcommittee have asked all C09 subcommittees to reference C1778 regarding guidance on ASR. By this request, C1697 is not required to eliminate the Optional Physical Requirement for Effectiveness in Controlling Alkali-Silica Reaction because the optional specification requirement is not used to directly predict ASR mitigation. However, it is the feeling of the subcommittee that optional testing for ASR mitigation is no longer required given the development of tests and protocols described in C1778. Further, the subcommittee does feel the addition of new language in the Appendix provides useful information by directing the user to C1778 for guidance on mitigating ASR using fly ash.

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