ASTM WK72680

    Revision of E127 - 19e1 Standard Practice for Fabrication and Control of Flat Bottomed Hole Ultrasonic Standard Reference Blocks

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    Active Standard: E127 - 20

    Developed by Subcommittee: E07.06 | Committee E07 | Contact Staff Manager



    aluminum reference blocks; area-amplitude reference blocks; distance-amplitude reference blocks; nondestructive testing; standard reference blocks; ultrasonic reference blocks;;


    E127 was revised in 2019 and was effectively merged with E428 & E1158 in an effort to standardize reference block requirements from these three standards into one standard. That task was completed in 2019 and E428 & E1158 have been withdrawn. The choice to keep standard designation E127 was for historical context. E127 was originally approved in 1958. On Main ballot E07 (02-19), a negative was received (Burt) and ultimately withdrawn with the caveat that the voter could submit additional work to be considered by the SC as New Business. At the January 2020 SC meeting, the comments were dispositioned by the SC and changes to par. 14.2 were agreed to by the SC for addition into E0127 in a SC ballot prior to the June meeting.

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    Michael Ruddy


    E07 (20-04)

    Ballot Item Approved as E127-2020 and Pending Publication