ASTM WK72439

    Revision of A335 / A335M - 19a Standard Specification for Seamless Ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service

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    Active Standard: A335 / A335M - 21

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    alloy steel pipe; high temperature service; seamless steel pipe; steel pipe; temperature service applications;;


    Vallourec has developed a material named Super VM12. A user has requested to include this new material into the ASME BPVC as a Code Case and ASTM A213/A213M and ASTM A335/A335M. The material is fulfilling the needed requirements of improved steam oxidation resistance compared to established 9% chromium steel materials such as Grade 91 and high creep strength better or equal than Grade 92. Super VM12 has been developed tested and evaluated over a long time and Vallourec will separately supply supporting data. Super VM12 has already been included in the German VdTV Material Datasheets No. 584, which means it is ready for sue under the European Pressure Equipment Directive with a particular Material Appraisal. Super VM12 steel is considered worldwide as a candidate construction material for A-USC and USC modern thermal power plants.

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    A01 (21-05)

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