ASTM WK72272

    Revision of A424 / A424M - 18 Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet, for Porcelain Enameling

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    Active Standard: A424 / A424M - 18

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    commercial steel; decarburization; drawing steel; enameling; interstitial free steel; porcelain;;


    Rationale: The current specification dictates that low carbon in Type 1 enameling steel is obtained through sheet decarburization. Low carbon levels required by the Type 1 specification may also be achieved through melt practices with the resultant steel exhibiting all the attributes of current Type 1 enameling steel. Modifications are suggested to the specification to include compositions that do not require the use of sheet decarburization to make Type 1 enameling steels. Two important attributes of Type 1 enameling steel, namely resistance to carbon boiling and fishscale resistance are still maintained, albeit the mechanisms for obtaining the said attributes might differ. The proposed change(s) will not impact existing Type 1 enameling steels made via sheet decarburization. Additionally, the proposed changes will not impact the current limits on chemical composition as defined in Table 1 of ASTM A424. Only the additions and changes indicated with underline and strikeout are under consideration in this ballot. All other information is provided for reference only.

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    A01.19 (21-01)

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