ASTM WK71915

    Revision of E2214 - 19 Standard Practice for Specifying and Verifying the Performance of Color-Measuring Instruments

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    Active Standard: E2214 - 19

    Developed by Subcommittee: E12.04 | Committee E12 | Contact Staff Manager



    color; instrumental measurement-color/light; inter-instrument; inter-model; light-transmission and reflection; reflectance; reflectance and reflectivity; spectrocolorimetry; spectrophotometry;;


    At the E12.04 meeting on Feb. 6, it was decided to cast a concurrent E12/E12.04 ballot to delete from E2214, Section 6.2.2, the sentence that equates reproducibility with repeatability in certain cases. The rationale of the ballot is to set the stage to clarify the distinctions between reproducibility and repeatability.

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    Michael Brill

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