ASTM WK71393

    New Practice for Additive manufacturing -- assessment of powder spreadability for powder bed fusion (PBF) processes

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    1. Scope

    To provide details on how to assess powder spreadability by means of a spreading test bed. The standard will also provide guidance on methods to characterise spreadability, and the the implications for these results in PBF machines.


    Metal powder; Spreadability; Test bed; Powder surface topology; Powder bed density


    This standard is needed to help PBF users understand how to perform practices to predict how a powder would spread in powder bed fusion (PBF) processes. The standard should also provide guidance on how to characterise spreadability. The standard will be used by users of PBF machines to allow them to perform QA checks on powders, prior to using them in PBF machines. These practices would also allow powder producers to develop powder specifications more suited to processing in PBF machines, and allow PBF users to optimise PBF machine parameters for a particular powder feedstock.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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