ASTM WK71286

    Revision of D8256 - 19 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Automotive Engine Oils for Inhibition of Deposit Formation in the Sequence VH Spark-Ignition Engine Fueled with Gasoline and Operated Under Low-Temperature, Light-Duty Conditions

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    Active Standard: D8256 - 20

    Developed by Subcommittee: D02.B0.01 | Committee D02 | Contact Staff Manager



    lubricating oils; Sequence VH; sludge and varnish; spark-ignition automotive engine; stop-and-go service;;


    . During the December 3, 2019 Sequence V Surveillance Panel conference call, the panel agreed to revise the rating requirements for raters to obtain qualifications to rate Sequence V parts. Section 13.1.5 has been revised to include sludge and reference new section 13.1.9. Section 13.1.6 has been revised to apply to only varnish. Section 13.1.7 has been revised to decrease the number of varnish parts to 16 and to include a minimum of 9 sludge parts. Section 13.1.8 has been revised to apply to varnish only. Section 13.1.9 has been added to detail actions to be taken when a rater does not meet the qualification criteria for sludge. These changes to rater qualification criteria are effective May 13, 2020 2. During the December 3, 2019 Conference call, the panel was also made aware that the rating work sheet for the right rocker cover did not have the correct locations for the rating sights. This corrected rating worksheet, Figure A14.2, is attached. This change is effective December 3, 2019.

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    Frank Farber


    D02 (20-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as D8256-2020 and Pending Publication