ASTM WK71218

    Revision of D8252 - 19e1 Standard Test Method for Vanadium and Nickel in Crude and Residual Oil by X-ray Spectrometry

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    Active Standard: D8252 - 19e1

    Developed by Subcommittee: D02.03 | Committee D02 | Contact Staff Manager



    crude; EDXRF; energy dispersive; energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence; MEDXRF; metals; monochromatic energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence; monochromatic wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence; MWDXRF; nickel; resid; residual oil; spectrometry; vanadium; wavelength dispersive; wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence; WDXRF; X-ray; X-ray fluorescence; XRF;


    D8252 is being revised to include a broader method scope. Targeted elements and concentration ranges are as follows: vanadium 1-300 mg/kg, nickel 1-100 mg/kg, and iron 1-100 mg/kg.

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    Leslie McHenry

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