ASTM WK71183

    New Practice for Evaluation of Fire-Retardant Treated Structural Glued Laminated Timber

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    1. Scope

    This practice covers procedures for the evaluation of structural glued laminated timber (glulam) pressure-treated with commercially available fire retardants after exposure to both standard environmental conditions and an extended exposure to elevated temperature.


    design value adjustment factor; fire retardant; fire-retardant treated; FRT; Glulam; mechanical properties; physical properties; structural glued laminated timber


    This proposed new standard is intended for fire-retardant treated structural glued laminated timber (glulam). There are existing ASTM standards for lumber, plywood, oriented strand boards, and laminated veneer lumber (LVL), but not glulam. FRT glulam products have been used in construction for a while without a consensus-based standard for qualification and characterization.

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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