ASTM WK71124

    Revision of F2842 - 11(2017) Standard Specification for Reins Used in Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Racing

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    Active Standard: F2842 - 20

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    breaking force; rein system;;


    This standard was first published in 2010 and to date, no manufacturer has submitted test samples to any testing lab and no manufacturer has provided advertising or informational materials which indicate compliance to ASTM F2842-10. Review of the standard has found a discrepancy between the Rein Section 2 threshold force values presented in early draft versions of the standard and the threshold force values published in the current version of the standard. The original proposed threshold force at failure value for rein section 2 was 1.1 kN (250 lbs). This value was proposed in order to maximize the safety of both the rider and the horse and to also reflect the performance characteristics of Rein Section 2 of existing safety rein systems, which typically have a reduced or narrowed rein section within the region defined as Rein Section 2.

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    Jeff Johnston


    F08 (20-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as F2842-2020 and Pending Publication