ASTM WK70817

    Revision of C1746 / C1746M - 19 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Suspended Sediment Removal Efficiency of Hydrodynamic Stormwater Separators and Underground Settling Devices

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    Active Standard: C1746 / C1746M - 19

    Developed by Subcommittee: C27.70 | Committee C27 | Contact Staff Manager



    discharge; filters; flow; hydraulic capacity; scour or resuspension; sediments; specific gravity; velocity;;


    In section 6.7, the proposed 0.1% leakage limit can be unrealistic under low flow rate conditions (such as 25% of MTFR). A proposed alternate rate is 0.2% (110 gpm or higher) , or, to allow for even lower-flow-rates, 0.5%. Alternatively, an absolute leakage rate limit could be set as 0.25 gpm.

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