ASTM WK70632

    Revision of A955 / A955M - 19 Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Stainless Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

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    Active Standard: A955 / A955M - 20c

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    concrete reinforcement; corrosion resistance; deformations (protrusions); magnetic properties; stainless steel bars ;;


    The current wording in A955 leads to some confusion as to how many retests are required when a steel fails the corrosion resistance tests outlined in the Annex. Matt OReilly identified the need for changes in an Affirmative with Comment on a previous ballot. Due to the variable nature of corrosion, it is possible that a retest on only two single specimens would allow a product with deficient corrosion resistance to pass the macrocell test. The changes to re-testing requirements in Section 16 indicate that a full series of five specimens is required in the event of a retest. The retesting requirement is intended to make sure that an adequate number of sample pieces are tested. Frank Smith also requested that we clearly differentiate between a production lot, which is defined in Section 8, Note 2 and used consistently throughout the steel reinforcing bar standards, and the group of samples used for a corrosion test. Modifications to the corrosion Annex were made to further highlight that the groups of corrosion samples are a test series. This was previously balloted under WK 68887 and was withdrawn and revised as the result of a negative from Andrea Ricci. Since the prior ballot, changes have also been made to A2.4.3 to bring the description of corrosion potential measurements in line with the procedure used in ASTM C876 and common practice. Proposed changes are indicated in red with the underline and strikeout method. All other text is for informational purposes only.

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