ASTM WK70548

    Revision of E3039 - 18e1 Standard Test Method for Determination of Crack-Tip-Opening Angle of Pipe Steels Using DWTT-Type Specimens

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    Active Standard: E3039 - 20

    Developed by Subcommittee: E08.07 | Committee E08 | Contact Staff Manager



    crack-tip-opening angle; CTOAB/2; ductile fracture; drop-weight tear test; fracture propagation resistance; impact loading; pipe steels;;


    Currently, E3039 is applicable to pipe steels according to the title of E3039-18. However, the basic methodology of E3039 should be applicable to structural steels in general. E3039 has recently been successfully applied to two common tank car Steels (TC128B and A516-70) during an investigation of large-scale ductile puncture fractures. Detailed experiments and results of crack-tip opening angle (CTOA) of these steels were presented at the E08.07.07 Task Group meeting during the ASTM May 2019 Committee Meetings. Further discussions on the proposed changes were held during the ASTM November 2019 Committee Meeting. The proposed modifications of pipe steels to ferritic steels are to broaden the application of E3039 from pipe steels to structural ferritic steels. The proposed modifications will use the same terminology of ferritic steels as used in E436 (Test Method for Drop-Weight Tear Tests of Ferritic Steels).

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