ASTM WK70445

    Revision of A973 / A973M - 07(2012) Standard Specification for Grade 100 Alloy Steel Chain

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    Active Standard: A973 / A973M - 07(2012)

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    chain; steel chain;


    1. Adding additional clarification to 1. Scope Element 1.3 for ensuring proper calculation is understood for determining grade. (Informative) This information is also used by the N.A.C.M. (National Association of Chain Manufacturers, Welded Steel Chain Specification. 2. Addition of 1 (26mm) G100 size USA manufacturers and customer requirements recognize the manufacture and use of the 1 size chain. This will provide standardization of the size for physical and dimensional performance characteristics. 3. Add clarification as to the surface condition to 9. Finish, Element 9.1 to allow for the clarification and allowances of differences in friction coefficients in the contact areas of the chain links in a coated condition. The minimum breaking force requirements are in a quenched and tempered condition only.

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