ASTM WK69986

    Revision of F2706 - 18 Standard Test Methods for Occipital-Cervical and Occipital-Cervical-Thoracic Spinal Implant Constructs in a Vertebrectomy Model

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    Active Standard: F2706 - 18

    Developed by Subcommittee: F04.25 | Committee F04 | Contact Staff Manager



    fatigue test methods; occipital-cervical spinal implant assembly; occipital-cervical spinal implant construct; occipital-cervical-thoracic spinal implant assembly; occipital-cervical-thoracic spinal implant construct; static test methods; vertebrectomy model;;


    The purpose of this work item is to remove the tensile test described in F2706. The intent of the tensile test was to create an extension load on the construct, similar to how a compression load creates a flexion load on the construct. This was not tested prior to the standards release. Having been tested now it is clear that the mechanics of the tensile test do not load the construct as intended. The tensile load creates a non-physiologic condition and deformation impossible to achieve in the human body.

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