ASTM WK69980

    Revision of C503 / C503M - 15 Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone

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    Active Standard: C503 / C503M - 15

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    calcite; dolomite; marble;;


    The standard has been produced in its entirety to provide context for the proposed changes. The subject of the current ballot is restricted to the proposed changes to Table 1, and Section 6.1 as noted herein. These edits are proposed to establish consistency with how this information is presented across the standard specifications for each natural stone material based on recent modifications to ASTM C615/615M Standard Specification for Granite Dimension Stone. This ballot proposes to add footnotes to Table 1. Footnote D references the basis for establishing the minimum compressive strength, flexural strength, and modulus of rupture. Footnote E references the basis for establishing acceptable performance of a stone that does not strictly comply with Table 1. C503 Section 1.1 makes reference to C1528 for the appropriate selection and use of marble dimension stone, and C1528 Section 62 provides context for the material specification standards, including performing an engineering evaluation as a means to validate materials that do not meet the values listed in C503 for use in a specific application. Section 6.1 will be modified to reference Footnote E within Table 1 based on the modifications to Table 1 proposed herein.

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