ASTM WK69957

    Revision of A955 / A955M - 19 Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Stainless Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

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    Active Standard: A955 / A955M - 20c

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    concrete reinforcement; corrosion resistance; deformations (protrusions); magnetic properties; stainless steel bars ;;


    Currently, A5.1.3 states the following: The application shall be accompanied by test data as required by this specification. Test data from a minimum of three test lots, as defined in this specification, shall be furnished. A reader could easily conclude that, as with mechanical test data, corrosion test data from three lots must be submitted when applying for inclusion of a new alloy in A955. In fact, the alloys now listed in Table 2 gained their inclusion based on the submittal of corrosion test data obtained from one lot of each alloy. A5.1.3 states that test lot is as defined by this specification. In fact, test lot is not presently defined within A955. Located under Section 8 Measurement of Deformations, Note 2 states the following: A lot, for this purpose, is defined as all the bars of one bar number and pattern of deformation contained in an individual shipping release or shipping order. However, a reader could be forgiven for (i) not easily finding Note 2 and (ii) for assuming Note 2 applies only to Section 8. Therefore, the following changes are proposed: delete Note 2 and place the definition of lot in Section 3 Terminology Replace test lot with lot in A5.1.3 modify A5.1.3 to indicate that corrosion test data from only one lot shall be furnished indicate in A5.1.3 that corrosion testing must be performed in accordance with Section A.1.

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