ASTM WK69870

    Revision of D5222 - 16 Standard Specification for High Fire-Point Mineral Electrical Insulating Oils

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    Active Standard: D5222 - 16

    Developed by Subcommittee: D27.01 | Committee D27 | Contact Staff Manager



    electrical insulating oil; fire point; flammability; insulating fluid; mineral insulating oil;;


    In the May 2019 meeting of D27 the committee voted to change the description High Fire-Point to Less Flammable to match the Factory Mutual Standard description. D27 also voted to remove reference to withdrawn methods from active methods. Other changes are updates previously decided by D27. Rationale for changes and re-balloting of D5222: 1.Changing the description High Fire-Point to Less Flammable. This is to match the Factory Mutual requirement description for 300C fire point. This will require a method title change. 2.Removed withdrawn methods from reference. 3.Changed the reference description oil to liquid. 4.Added D7042 as a method for testing viscosity.

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    Jimmy Rasco

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