ASTM WK69718

    New Test Methods for Standard Test Methods for the Determination of the Effects of Biogenic Acidification on Concrete Antimicrobial Additives and/or Concrete Products

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    1. Scope

    This document presents standard test methods for the determination of the effects of biogenic acidification on concrete products or/and efficacy of antimicrobial products to resist microbially induced corrosion (MIC) of concrete. In these tests, the biogenic acidification is achieved by sulfur oxidizing bacteria (SOB) which can convert elemental sulfur or thiosulfate to sulfuric acid without the use of H2S gas.


    biogenic sulfuric acid; acidification; microbiologically induced corrosion


    This standard is required to provide testing procedures for determining the effects of biogenic acidification on concrete antimicrobial additives and or concrete products

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