ASTM WK69703

    Revision of E2187 - 16 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Ignition Strength of Cigarettes

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    Active Standard: E2187 - 20a

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    bed flammability; cigarette; fire; furniture flammability; ignition; ignition propensity;;


    The intent of the stainless steel/filter paper substrate was to approximate the percent full-length burns (PFLB) obtained using 10 layers of Whatman No. 2 filter paper, as originally manufactured in the United Kingdom. This ballot item adds two references to support the accomplishment of this intent. For information, the following is a summary of the test data for SRM 1082 cigarettes. The certified mean value in 2005 was 12.6 PFLB with a 95 % confidence interval of 3.3 PFLB. Reference (1) found 14.6 7.6 for the same cigarette and substrate. (A small numerical increase in mean value might be expected as a result of testing with the rough side of the filter paper facing upward in 2013, while it was not controlled in 2005. The wider confidence interval is due to the smaller number of determinations in 2013.) Reference 1 found a mean value of 15.0 PFLB when SRM 1082 cigarettes were tested on the metal/paper substrate. Round 2 of an interlaboratory evaluation of the steel/metal substrate (Reference 2) obtained a mean value of 13.6 PFLB with a 95 % confidence interval of 10.6 PFLB to 17.0 PFLB. The result of a recent re-certification of the SRM 1082 cigarettes (3) using the steel/paper substrate found the value to be (15.7 6.6) PFLB. The confidence intervals around the mean values overlap substantially, indicating that the mean values in these test series are not statistically different from each other.

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    COS (20-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as E2187-2020 and Pending Publication