ASTM WK69697

    Revision of D8248 - 19 Standard Terminology for Smart Textiles

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    Active Standard: D8248 - 19

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    This revision is being submitted as determined by the Director and committee member consensus. The work item is to revise the standard scope and term and definition for electrical textile as follows: 1. Scope Old Approved Version: This terminology standard covers terms related to smart textiles, technical textiles, electronic textiles, and wearable electronics including fibers, yarns, fabrics, and end products. New Revision: 1. Scope 1.1 Smart textiles is an emerging field. As the needs of this area develop, this standard will evolve accordingly. Its content may be referenced or adopted, or both, in whole or in part as demanded by the needs of the user. 1.2 Terminology and definitions related to smart textiles such as electrical textiles and wearable electronics will be included as well as the fiber, yarn, and fabric that compose them, and final end products. 2. electrical textile, n - a fiber, yarn, fabric or end product comprising elements that result in an electrical circuit or the components thereof. (Synonyms: electromagnetic textile, e-textile, etextile.) Discussion: any combination of textiles and other components engineered to provide properties necessary for the creation of a circuit.

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    Carole Winterhalter


    D13 (19-02)

    Ballot Item Approved as D8248-2020 and Pending Publication