ASTM WK69550

    Revision of F1624 - 12(2018) Standard Test Method for Measurement of Hydrogen Embrittlement Threshold in Steel by the Incremental Step Loading Technique

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    Active Standard: F1624 - 12(2018)

    Developed by Subcommittee: F07.04 | Committee F07 | Contact Staff Manager



    decreasing loading rate; delayed brittle failure; displacement control; fasteners; hydrogen embrittlement threshold; hydrogen induced stress cracking; rising step load; slow strain rate;;


    A revision to F1624-12 received 4 negatives at ballot F07 (17-02) and was withdrawn. The negatives pointed out some necessary revisions to the present version. The standard was reapproved without modifications in ballot F07 (18-02) with the subcommittee agreeing on the need of a new revision. This revision includes an extensive editorial review; addition of requirements for valid testing of fracture mechanics specimens; modification to the suggested loading procedure, to handle materials that need slower loading rates and may not show a true threshold with the previous loading procedures.

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    Salim Brahimi

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