ASTM WK69491

    Revision of E2073 - 19 Standard Test Method for Photopic Luminance of Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) Markings

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    Active Standard: E2073 - 19

    Developed by Subcommittee: E12.13 | Committee E12 | Contact Staff Manager



    illuminance; luminance; photoluminescence;;


    ASTM Test Method E2073-19 currently only allows and describes test parameters for fluorescent light activation to measure the photopic luminance of photoluminescent markings. In the last decade, LED (light emitting diode) has become a more prevalent light source due to its lower energy usage and longer lifespan. Many buildings are nowadays equipped with LED lighting to illuminate their interiors, while fluorescent lighting is used at a declining degree. Test Method E2073 is one of two U.S. standards that may be used to measure the luminance of photoluminescent egress path markings that are required by the U.S. wide building codes for installation inside certain high-rise building emergency staircases. Chances are that these photoluminescent staircase markings nowadays get activated by LED lighting. During the April 2019 web-meeting, the E12.13 sub-committee participants who attended decided to add LED light activation to Test Method E2073 to provide test parameters for LED lighting. The other U.S. Test method option is Standard UL1994 published by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Sub-Committee E12.13 is aligning the LED test parameters with the UL1994-test parameters.

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