ASTM WK69426

    Revision of F88 / F88M - 15 Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials

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    Active Standard: F88 / F88M - 15

    Developed by Subcommittee: F02.20 | Committee F02 | Contact Staff Manager




    WK63054 is currently in process to provide additional detail on application of this method to rigid trays with flexible lids. The last subcommittee ballot (Feb 2019) yielded a comment regarding A1.4, and lack of clarity regarding application. This was discussed amongst the subcommittee during the last meeting (April 2019), and subsequently reviewed in the WK63054 working group to determine why it was added and what value it may provide. No historic rationale was found supporting addition of this clause. The consensus is that this was likely added to support basic mathematical calculations, confirming that absent any elongation in the test sample, each individual tail separation equals half the distance of the overall sample separation. Given that this is a basic physics principle, it was determined that the guidance is unnecessary in the standard and should be removed. The removal is being balloted independent of the other changes in the WK63054 work item based on lack of association with guidance for application to rigid trays with flexible lids.

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    F02.20 (19-02)

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