ASTM WK69223

    Revision of B849 - 02(2019) Standard Specification for Pre-Treatments of Iron or Steel for Reducing Risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement

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    Active Standard: B849 - 02(2019)

    Developed by Subcommittee: B08.02 | Committee B08 | Contact Staff Manager



    delayed brittle failure; heat treatment; hydrogen embrittlement; hydrogen induced cracking; hydrogen stress cracking; pre-treatments of iron or steel; stress relief;;


    There are inconsistencies between specification requirements for stress relief in some ASTM B08 documents and B849, more specifically what the threshold minimum tensile stress for materials susceptible to the risk of hydrogen embrittlement should be. In addition, Table 1, which lists specific stress relief times and temperatures prior to plating according to material tensile stress, is confusing and difficult for users to interpret and determine what the correct stress relief condition should be specified. This table needs to be examined for simplification of use.

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