ASTM WK69196

    Withdrawal of F3303 - 18 Standard for Additive Manufacturing – Process Characteristics and Performance: Practice for Metal Powder Bed Fusion Process to Meet Critical Applications

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    Per the Partner Standards Development Organization (PSDO) Agreement between ASTM International & ISO, the development processes of both organizations are aligned with the goal of approving a single document within the same timeframe. On occasion, there are times when a standard is approved by one organization in advance of the other completing it process in these cases, once the 2nd organizations process is concluded, the initially-approved standard is withdrawn, and all content merged into a single ISO/ASTM standard.We are faced with this scenario with respect to ASTM F3303 (title below) it was approved in advance of ISO/ASTM 52904 (title also below), and now that the ISO process is close to conclusion, it is time to withdraw the ASTM-specific version of the standard, to be replaced by the joint ISO/ASTM standard. It is important to note that the technical content of ISO/ASTM 52904 is identical to that contained in ASTM F3303; this ballot is simply a procedural step that needs to be taken to ensure the desired outcome of a single standard used by all.

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    F42 (19-03)

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