ASTM WK69080

    Revision of C1577 - 19 Standard Specification for Precast Reinforced Concrete Monolithic Box Sections for Culverts, Storm Drains, and Sewers Designed According to AASHTO LRFD

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    Active Standard: C1577 - 20

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    Clarification on Figure 3: Reinforcing details shown in Figures 3 through 14 need to be clarified in terms of reinforcing configurations and dimensional limitations. In a previous ballot, a proposal to fix an apparent error in the figures caused confusion regarding requirements for extension length of the inside cage (As2 and As3). This ballot serves to provide additional details to cover known industry practices and clarify requirements associated with location and extension of the As2 / As3 cages as well as As4. For a rigid frame member, As2 As3 and As4 are in compression in the installed condition at the ends of a member and as such do not require development length past the face of the wall. Various cage construction practices are shown based on known production practices and limiting dimensions are shown to meet the needs of these production practices and the requirements of the design.

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    William Washabaugh


    C13 (19-04)

    Ballot Item Approved as C1577-2020 and Pending Publication