ASTM WK69028

    Revision of F1700 - 18a Standard Specification for Solid Vinyl Floor Tile

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    Active Standard: F1700 - 18a

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    laminate; monolithic; print; resilient flooring; solid vinyl; specification; tile ;;


    This sub ballot is for a revision to ASTM F 1700. This has been discussed but not put forth as a suggested change up until now. The suggested change is to leave the residual indentation requirements of ASTM F 1700 exactly the same(avg value less than 8%, with a maximum individual value of 10 % after 1 hour recovery); with the exception of allowing an alternative passing criteria, provided all specimen values pass the maximum 8 % criteria after 24 hours recovery. There are newer products currently in the market place made and sold by several manufacturers that are considered dry-back products that can be glued or not glued regarding installation technique. Many of these products do not comply fully with the F 1700 criteria as it exists today, because of the limited 1 hour recovery time for determining passing or not; but would comply with the revised criteria. These same products under actual use perform as good as if not superior to existing products. These products do recover well, with a little extra time and in many cases ultimately have less installed residual indentation because there is no additional indentation that would be attributed to adhesive displacement.

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    F06.80 (19-02)

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