ASTM WK69013

    Revision of F432 - 13 Standard Specification for Roof and Rock Bolts and Accessories

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    Active Standard: F432 - 13

    Developed by Subcommittee: F16.02 | Committee F16 | Contact Staff Manager



    bolts, roof and rock and accessories; rock bolts; roof bolts;


    Updated specification with revisions as listed in the Summary of Changes Section at the end of thise document. Changes to A615, such as moving Grade 75 reinforcing bar to an annex and changing yield/tensile ratios, have required several references, table modifications, and specification details to be revised to allow F432 to be less reliant on A615 specification changes to maintain Grade 75 reinforcing bar relevant specifications as required by the mining and tunneling industries. For technical specifications, the approved A615 specifications for Grade 75 bar materials have not been removed, but rather merely transferred into this updated version of F432. Additional updates to products, packaging, marking, and labeling have occurred since F432-13 was approved and the edits in this balloted version reflect those updates. F432 has also had several editorial improvements that this balloted version incorporates. In summary, the Work Item revisions include: 1.Eliminates many references to Threaded Slotted Bolts which have not been used in the mining industry for many years. 2.Eliminates many references to Formable Anchorage Devices which have not been used in the mining industry for many years. 3.Incorporates specific references to Grade 75 bar materials, commonly used in the mining industry, that are being modified and/or eliminated from A615. This version of F432 required several additional references to chemical and mechanical properties, and the reorganization of a few tables and specification sections as a result. 4.Increases the specification requirements for testing expandable bolt products. 5.Editorial changes.

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