ASTM WK68982

    Revision of C968 - 12 Standard Test Methods for Analysis of Sintered Gadolinium Oxide-Uranium Dioxide Pellets

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    Active Standard: C968 - 19

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    0 Vacuum testing; Volatile matter content--nuclear materials; XRF (X-ray fluorescence)--nuclear materials; Atomic ratio; Carbon content--nuclear materials; Ceramographic determination; Chlorine content--nuclear materials/applications; Energy-dispersive x-ray analysis (EDXA); Fluorine content--nuclear materials/applications; Gadolinia; Gadolinium oxide-uranium dioxide powder/pellets; Gases--radioactive; Homogeneity; Hot-vacuum extraction; Hydrogen content--nuclear materials; Inert gas fusion; Ion selective electrode method; Isotopic analysis; Mass spectrometry--nuclear materials/applications; Multiple-filament surface-ionization mass spectrometric method; Nessler reagent method; Nitrogen content--nuclear materials; Oxygen-to-metal (O/M) ratio; Pyrohydrolysis ion-selective electrode method; Spectrographic analysis; Spectroscopy--emission; Thermal analysis (TA); Thorium content; Trace elements--spectrochemical analysis; Uranium; Uranium content; Uranium isotopic analysis;


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