ASTM WK68370

    Revision of C1639 - 19 Standard Specification for Fabrication Of Cellular Glass Pipe And Tubing Insulation

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    Active Standard: C1639 - 19

    Developed by Subcommittee: C16.40 | Committee C16 | Contact Staff Manager



    bond joints; cellular glass; fabrication; fabrication joints; pipe insulation; tubing insulation;;


    A comment on the last ballot item for this standard pointed out that Permeance, rather than Permeability would be more appropriate to describe the water vapor transmission properties of the insulation joint adhesive. The task group discussed this and agreed to ballot the change from Permeability to Permeance. An adhesive permeance limit of 0.1 perm (5.7 ng/Pasm2) was agreed upon by the task group.

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    Allen Dickey

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