ASTM WK68233

    Revision of E2699 - 18 Standard Practice for Digital Imaging and Communication in Nondestructive Evaluation (DICONDE) for Digital Radiographic (DR) Test Methods

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    Active Standard: E2699 - 18

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    1. Rationale

    In the last DICONDE Task Group Meeting we discussed about the calibration pixel spacing macro, which is not part of ASTM E2699-18. I have checked the NDE DX Detector Module Attribute (Table 3) in the ASTM E2699-18 in order to see if there are attributes which are specific to DICONDE. I have compared the ASTM E2699-18 against In this table there are no attributes which are overriding any DICOM tags. The description may be different from DICOM. I did not check the description word by word, but most description were in DICOM more precise thank in DICONDE. Following attributes seem to be DICONDE specific but are no overriding and DICOM attributes: - Internal Detector Frame Time (0014,3011) - Number of Frames Integrated (0014,3012) - Detector Temperature Sequence (0014,3020) - Sensor Name (0014,3022) - Horizontal Offset (0014,3024) - Vertical Offset (0014,3026) - Temperature (0014,3028) They are also defined as DICONDE attributes in DICOM (see ) (Im sorry, but I dont know exactly what this part of DICOM is about). Following attributes from the Digital X-Ray Detector Macro (Table C.8-71) are not present in ASTM E2699-18: - Exposures on Detector Since Last Calibration (0018,7010) - Exposures on Detector Since Manufacture (0018,7011) - Detector Time Since Last Exposure (0018,7012) - Macro 10-19: Exposure Index Macro Attributes Following attributes from the DX Detector Module Attributes (Table C.8-71b) are not present in ASTM E2699-18: - Macro 10-10: Basic Pixel Spacing Calibration Macro - Cassette ID (0018,1007) (for CR) - Plate ID (0018,1004) (for CR) My opinion: There are no DICONDE attributes which are overriding DICOM attributes. Most of the missing attributes are not relevant for NDT except the Basic Pixel Spacing Calibration Macro. In my opinion there are two options: 1.) Remove all Tags from Table 3 NDE DX Detector Module except those DICONDE only attributes. 2.) Add the Basic Pixel Spacing Calibration Macro to ASTM E2699-18 (and maybe revise and update the attribute descriptions according to the DICOM standard). Frederik Kaiser Software Developer


    DICOM; DICONDE; direct digital X-ray; DX; digital data transmission; digital data storage; database; file format;;
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